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Facility Operations/Security/Event Management: Food/Beverage Management
EXECUTIVE CHEF - Durham Convention Center (Durham, NC)

Company: Global Spectrum

Venue: Durham Convention Center (Durham, NC)

Reports to: Director of Convention Services

Supervises: Sous Chef, Prep Cooks, Line Cooks, Concession Cooks and Utility Workers

Status: Full-Time; Salaried

Closing Date: Open Until Closed / Filled

To oversee the direction of the kitchen’s daily activities in accordance with policies and objectives to ensure guest satisfaction, profitability and a positive, productive and compliant work environment. Responsible for overall kitchen operations, including food and labor cost controls. Oversees the general preparation of all food, helps in the planning of meals and developing menus.

JOB DUTIES: (including to but not limited to)
• Ensures budgeted food percentages are achieved through effective control measures including portion controls, kitchen timings, food inventory rotation measures, receiving and food storage procedures, inventory controls, effective purchasing procedures, kitchen security procedures and waste control.
• Supervises all line set-up, prep and breakdown activities. Responsible for in-service delegation of tasks to line personnel.
• Responsible for fulfilling kitchen record keeping and administrative requirements including food inventories and invoicing of food products. Responsible for organizing employee work schedules, ensuring appropriate coverage for all kitchen areas.
• Measure, mix and cook ingredients according to recipes
• Use a variety of pots, pans, knives and other equipment to prepare and serve food.
• Regulate temperatures of ovens, broilers, and grills.
• Direct the work of other cooks and kitchen workers. May train cooks and kitchen workers.
• Clean or inspect equipment or work areas.
• Keep records of quantities of food supplies used.
• Help plan meals and develop menus.
• Monitor events, materials and surroundings.
• Ability to estimate sizes, quantities, time, cost or materials needed.
• Guide, direct and motivate kitchen employees.
• Handle and move objects.
• Communicate with supervisors, peers and subordinates.
• Make decisions and solve problems
• Organize, plan and prioritize work.
• Evaluate information against standards.
• Carry out ideas, programs, systems or products.
• Schedule work and activities.
• Document and record information.
• Control machines and processes.
• Inspect equipment, structures or materials.
• Think creatively.
• Other duties as assigned by Director of Convention Services.

• Have a medium level of social contact. Ability to work closely with kitchen staff, but also spend time alone cooking.
• Must be able to supervise, coach, and train employees.
• Provide excellent service to customers.
• Deal with external customers such as food suppliers.
• General knowledge for the health and safety of patrons and staff.
• Must be sure that all details of the job are performed and their work is accurate.
• Must be constantly aware of changing events, such as staff or supply shortages.
• Ability to express ideas clearly when speaking or in writing.
• Ability to read and understand written information
• Must be exact in their work. Errors could cause safety hazards for themselves and other workers.
• Identify problems and review information.
• Must be constantly aware of frequently changing events in cooking processes.
• Ability to repeat the same physical activities.
• Quickly and accurately compare letters, numbers, objects, patterns or pictures.
• Must maintain high level of concentration.
• Must be able to multi-task.
• Knowledge of the rules and uses of numbers in mathematics. Areas of knowledge include arithmetic, algebra, geometry and statistics.

• Minimum of 5 years in similar position in an upscale banquet, hotel or convention center setting with prior supervisory experience.
• Must be able to stand for extended periods of time.
• Ability to speak clearly so that listeners may understand.
• Must be able to make fast, simple, repeated movements of fingers, hands and wrists.
• Ability to bend, stretch, twist or reach out with the body, arms and/or legs.
• Must be able to lift, push, pull or carry heavy objects.
• High school diploma or equivalent GED.
• Must have completed formal training and complete on-the-job training.
• Must have a good sense of taste and smell.
• Must have training from a professional technical school, two or four year college, or special culinary school.
• Experience in culinary training-including menu planning, food preparation, and selection and storage of food.
• Apprenticeship through culinary institute, trade unions or professional association.
• State issued Health Certificate and immunizations are required.



Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. YES / NO: Do you have 5+ years of experience in a similar position in an upscale banquet, hotel or convention center setting with supervisory experience?

2. YES / NO: Have you completed formal chef/culinary training?

3. To be considered, please list your salary requirement.

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